It's time to ship. Faster.

Get the platform to support your team's efforts.

Do your platform and infrastructure support your teams? Or do they slow them down?

Often, your platform and infrastructure are just getting in the way.

And something that should be easy....takes ages.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

We abstract away complexity and security concerns. So you can focus on what matters: getting your applications in front of your users.

We follow our reference architectures. And build a platform to support your entire release life cycle.

CI/CD, support for multiple environments, automated testing, backups, security policies, release management, metrics, logging, containers, and support for Kubernetes.

We support frontend, backend, and data science teams.

Once we start working together we become your #platform slack channel. And help you along the way to take ownership of your system.

14-day warranty policy

We guarantee our work. If you are not happy with what we deliver we will refund you.


A zero-surprise flexible pricing model based on credits.


Ideal for startups with an MVP

Buy Starter

What's included

  • Credits: 4
  • Support for AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Delivered in 1 week
  • #platform slack channel (best effort)


Best for growing companies with define needs

Buy Growth

What's included

  • Credits: 10
  • Support for AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • #platform slack channel (best effort)
  • multicloud support
  • 1 x billing report
  • 1 x platform check-in
  • 1 x show & tell session with your team


Best for companies with multiple teams

Buy Business

What's included

  • Credits: 14
  • Support for AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • #platform slack channel (with SLA)
  • 1 x billing report
  • 2 x platform check-ins
  • 2 x show & tell sessions with your team


Tailored on your company's needs

Buy Custom

What's included

  • Custom credits
  • Starting from the business tier we fully customize your plan


What is a credit?

Each credit is a resource inside your on-demand platform. For example, a managed Kubernetes cluster is 2 credits. A load balancer is 1 credit.

How do you approach security?

It's the first thing we consider when we define your platform together. The platform we build, can be fully audited and follows the principle of zero trust.

Do you provide on-call support?

No, we build and deploy your platform in a way to require the least amount of maintenance. But you are still in charge of any operational effort.

Can I stop any time?

Yes, though we have a 30 days' notice.